Jio Speed: Increase Jio Speed Upto 11Mbps!2020

There are several Methods and Tricks are available on the internet to increase jio speed and downloading speed. However, some of them are working & some of them are not working. So we have added a working tricks which might useful for you.

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So read this post if you are getting a slow speed I hope it will be helpful for you!

Best APN Settings for Jio
Best settings for Jio4g


# 1 Increase Jio Speed with ADM

#2 Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed (Root Required)

#3 Using Speedify to increase Jio speed

#4 Increase Reliance jio 4G Net Speed up to 80mbps?

#5 How to Increase jio speed using VPN?

#6 Trick to Increase Jio Speed with DAP

#7 Increase Reliance Jio Download Speed by UC Mini Browser?

#8 Modifying Bearer Setting

#9 Increase Jio Speed using the different server name

# 10 Changing Band (Caution!)

#11 Bonus to increase your interest speed

# 1 Increase Jio Speed with ADM

Have you ever used an internet download manager(IDM) on PC? It increases speed by splitting large files into small pieces. However, unfortunately, this great software is not available for Android. Don’t worry! We have a method that can do this task for you.

Install ADM app in your device. Good news! It does not require root permission.

They have an inbuilt browser which is n ot so good, so avoid it.

Open Chrome or any browser & search for the file you want to download.

Copy the URL & open ADM.

At the top right corner, you will find the + sign. Click on it & past the URL.

Hit the start button & see the magic!

When I tried this trick, I got a hilarious speed of 1~2 MBps even when there was a poor Jio network in my area. Speed was alternating a bit but never went below 800 Kbps.

# 2 Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed (Root Required)

Download the 3G/4G Speed Optimizer app on your phone (Google it for download link).

In Select Network speed, Select 12/28/7 – Max Speed (Low battery ability) option.

Click on ‘Apply Tweak.’

Reboot phone & after that (hopefully) you will see an increase in speed.

# 3 Speedify to Increase Jio speed

They have both versions (for Android & desktop version)

If you are going to use Wifi, then us0 desktop version else download their Android app if you want to increase speed in mobile.

It is a kind of VPN only.

Just connect to the nearest server & enjoy high-speed 4G in your Reliance Jio sim.

# 4 Increase Reliance jio 4G Net Speed up to 11mbps?

Open network setting from your phone

Go to Network settings> More> apn

Click on add new apn option

Then, add above apn settings there & save it

That is it. Reliance jio 4G speed successfully increased

Scroll down to get apn settings

So now you do need to do some settings on your phone, all setting are given below

How to Increase Jio Speed 

Go to setting on your mobile phone

Click on more & select Mobile Networks.

Choose access point name of reliance jio sim

Open menu from the edge of the right-hand side

Then, choose a new apn.

After doing the above settings, click on Save.

Increase Jio Speed Settings

Name – Any Name(Montu,Chintu)

APN – jionet

APN Type – Default

Proxy – Not Set

Port – Not Set

Username – Not Set

Password – Not Set

Server –

MMSC – Not Set

MMS proxy – Not Set

MMS port – Not Set

MCC – 405

MNC – 857, 863 or 874

Authentication type – Not Set

APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

Now save settings, then browse and start downloading big files to check how much speed you get.

# 5 How to Increase Reliance Jio speed using VPN?

  of the downloading

That is it. Now you will get up to 10-20mbps speed

If you do not get speed yet, then try another country VPN servers one by one and check the speed. I am sure it will work definitely

# 6 Trick to Increase Jio Speed with DAP

What’s DAP? It is the Download Accelerator Plus app which is still popular on the Windows platform. Now they support Android OS too & it is working great. I noticed notable speed gain after testin g some files through the UC browser & DAP.

Install DAP from here (4.71 MB in size).

Explore the file that you want to download on any browser.

Deep Tap on the download link & click on ‘copy link address.’

After above Doing, DAP will open automatically.

Tap on the Start button & get super fast speed on Jio.

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# 7 Increase Reliance Jio Download Speed by UC Mini/Opera Mini Browser?

Firstly, download & install UC mini browser from here

Open UC Browser & start downloading any apps, videos or anything that you want to download.

Then, Pause download and open snap VPN

Now connect it to the India server.

Then, Resume the download file & check the speed

If you still receiving low speed then, again pause & this point connect snap VPN with Singapore. Start downloading; now you may get great speed.

# 8 Modifying Bearer Setting LTE

This will work on Motorola & few other phones running on stock Android.

Open settings > More > Cellular networks.

You will view Jionet as existing apn, just Tap on it.

There will be an option like ‘bearer unspecified.’

Change it to LTE.

Save everything & turn on 4G data.

# 9 Increase Jio Speed using the different server names

Go to your apn setting & scroll down.

In the server section, type & save settings.

Reconnect your internet & check speed again. 

#10 Change Band (Caution)

Note : Try it on your own risk! I will not be responsible for any damage. If you are noob/beginner, do not try this trick.

Download MTK engineering mode

Change band to 40 (2300 MHz)

Set FDD-LTE to 1800/850 MHz

(Optional) Further, you can also use Speedify to get even more speed.

Save everything & get ready to fly with fast Jio 4G speed!


Call Customer Care Complaint About your Issue and also Complaint from other(Papa, Brother, Friends) Sim it helps a Lot.

Note:These tricks/methods have been taken from YouTube videos, we can not claim that they will 100% work for you.

By using this Speedup jio speed trick if you are getting any problem, just drop a comment, we try our best to solve your problem!


  1. Yeah Sir!
    I increased my jio speed to 13+ mbps
    Thank u

  2. Awesome now i am getting 16 mbps
    Before i getting 5mbps
    Thanks 😊

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